English Proofreading

We offer a professional proofreading service. We will read your documents and correct any spelling, grammar or syntax errors.

We proofread a variety of documents including:

  • Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Corporate literature
  • Annual reports
  • Training manuals
  • Brochures

The price of proofreading documents varies. We charge a basic rate based on the quality of the written English with an added suppliment according the the technical content.

The pricing system is as follows:

Quality Rating
The highest quality of English would be rated as a “1”. This would be a text with very few errors. A text filled with errors, and therefore more difficult and time consuming to read and correct would be rated as a “4”.

Quality Rating Price
1 2.4 pence
2 2.6 pence
3 2.8 pence
4 3 pence

Technicality Rating
Texts considered to be of low technicality would be rated “A”. These types of texts would be CV’S, Menus, personal statements etc. Brochures, newsletters, presentations would most likely fall within category “B”, being more technical and specific. Texts with a very technical content, for example, corporate literature, theses and other academic documents would fall within category “C”

Technicality Price
A 0.3 pence
B 0.6 pence
C 0.9 pence

When you submit a document, we will analyse it and give you a quote based on the quality and content. Look at the extract below from a text submitted by a Desktop English customer. This text is an academic report on rock formations in Chile with frequent errors. We gave this document a rating of “3C”.

A review of all streams has allowed to define also all stream mapped on the basin, dividing the permanent streams by the intermittent ones.
Considering the arid climate of area, in general the streams are dry during almost all year; only occasionally the water flows towards the bed of these dry streams; in this case the sum of all intermittent stream is equal to 186740 meters, as chapter 8 highlights; the network of permanent rivers is equal to 46571 meters, as defined in the chapter 9.

Here is the corrected version:

A review of each stream has allowed us to define all streams mapped in the basin area.
Considering the arid climate of the area, generally, the streams are dry almost all year. Only occasionally, water flows towards the beds of these dry streams. When this happens, the sum of all intermittent streams is equal to 186740 meters, as highlighted in chapter report ‘Tacora Intermittent Streams’. The network of permanent rivers is equal to 46571 meters, which is also defined in the same report.

For a personal quotation, contact us here and we will get back to you with a rating for your text.

Due to the nature of the work, there is a minimum charge of £25