Language Consultancy

Desktop English provides a complete range of tailored language services to business. We have many years of experience in the design and delivery of high-quality, goal-focused business language services to organisations who value quality communication.

Corporate Language Solutions

Candidate Language Assessment (CLA) & Recruitment Support

Working alongside HR Departments and recruiters, we design and carry out language assessment of potential candidates based on your recruitment profile, assessing potential employees’ ability to achieve specific communicative goals in Business English and providing our clients with a comprehensive report on candidates’ performance.

As part of a tailored solution, Desktop English’s Candidate Language Assessment can save you time, money and resources with our expertise in the field of Candidate Language Assessment and ensure you find the first class communicators that will make a difference to your business.

Proofreading, Correction Services

Desktop English offers a full range of proofreading and correction services to ensure that your business’ language makes the right impression. Quality presentation of corporate literature in English is a professional necessity. Desktop English have helped countless businesses, NGOs and academic organisations enhance their reputation with our proofreading, editing and rewriting services.

Language is more than just a tool we use to communicate our ideas. Careful use of the right words in the right situation can inspire employees, boost sales, attract new clients, build prestige and improve your brand. Desktop English Corporate Solutions exists to help you achieve that.

In Company Language Training

Whether you are already conducting business in English, or hoping to break into new international markets, Desktop English’s high-quality, cost-effective, goal-oriented in-company language training ensures your employees gain and retain a competitive advantage.

We are specialists in creating bespoke business language courses, tailored to your industry or sector. Our English for Business programmes employ the latest developments in language learning to address specific communicative goals that we help you to identify through our pre-course consulting. Regular, ongoing assessment allows you to monitor the success of each programme against your expectations.

Our remote courses delivered with the latest video conferencing software compare very favourably with your local language training providers in both quality and cost. We are able to provide Business English language courses with experienced, highly qualified native-speaker language trainers based in the UK via the internet, thus saving on transport costs, stationery, and other overheads. Not only do you receive UK quality at better than local prices, but the way the courses are delivered (i.e. using telephony and internet) often better reflects the means of communication through which your employees use their English at work.

Courses and classes can be delivered on a one to one or group basis depending on your requirements. Please request a call back or send an email to our Business Language team to find out more about how we can help your organisation communicate better in English.

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