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Online English class16 minutes can seem like an awfully long time. How much detail should you give in your answers in part 1? How exactly should you collaborate with your partner in part 2? What if you have no idea what to say for 2 minutes about the topic you are given?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. These are normal doubts. But you will not be confident about the exam unless you have confidently addressed them. Our mock speaking test with extensive feedback will enable you to do just that. An hour-long class with an expert teacher will go a long way to giving you the confidence and the strategy you need to succeed.

Our friendly teachers understand how difficult it can be to speak freely under pressure. We’re here to encourage you, help you to overcome your nerves, and perform confidently in the speaking exam. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Proficiency Writing Help

CPE Writing Help
Two whole pieces of writing in one and a half hours, not to mention a time-consuming reading task to start off. It’s not obvious how to summarise the ideas in the input texts either and what exactly do the examiners want when they say “evaluate” the texts? Maybe your writing feels too simple for CPE? How can you make it more complex without losing accuracy? And what about grammar? Is it okay to begin a sentence with “and”?

Fear not. Get expert feedback on your work with a writing correction. Steve or one of the team of experienced Cambridge exam experts will help you by delivering personalised feedback on your writing. You will be amazed at the results
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Online Classes -Cambridge CPE Preparation

So you need something more substantial? You need a formula for success; a healthy dose of exam strategy mixed with personalised grammar and vocabulary work to eradicate your lingering doubts. You want to speak and write more confidently without hesitating over whether you are expressing yourself accurately. You want to know how to tackle the notorious part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper. You need to finish the missing paragraphs task more quickly. In the listening, you feel you understand almost everything that you hear so why do you still get so many wrong answers? Our all-resources-provided exam preparation course is for you.

Desktop English’s fully comprehensive courses have a 95% pass rate over the last 3 years. The course is divided into 3 modules, which can be purchased either separately, or together. You should plan for a minimum of 3 hours of study per week including your class time.

Each module includes:

  • 4 face to face online classes with a one of our Cambridge-qualified teachers
  • unlimited access to our online learning platform
  • a huge amount of self-study materials
  • full correction and feedback of your work throughout the course
  • a clear and complete exam strategy to ensure success on the day

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