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CPE Writing Part 2 – Example Review

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Try writing a Review for the Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) exam. You can send us your answer for correction, a predicted score and tips on improving. Writing a review for the Cambridge Proficiency exam requires that you employ a variety of language functions. Cambridge specifically refer to describing, narrating and evaluating. You should be sure to […]

CPE Writing Part 2 – Example Report

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Try writing a report for the Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) exam. You can send us your answer for correction, a predicted score and tips on improving. Remember, a report is written in a formal style and usually has a very specific purpose, which the question will specify so be sure to read it carefully. Question – […]

CAE Writing Part 1 Answer (2015 exam)

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Try answering the CAE Part 1 essay question below. You can use our essay correction service to find out how you would score and receive helpful and supportive feedback on your writing with tips on how to improve for the exam. Part 1 of the Cambridge Advanced Writing exam requires you to write a discursive […]

Affect or Effect?

The difference between these two words, though quite simple, is something that often confuses even native speakers. One cause of such confusion is that, in spoken English, there is no distinction in the way the words are pronounced [əˈfɛkt] since the word stress is on the second syllable. The basic fact is that “affect”, in […]

0 (zero) and 1st (First) Conditionals

The Structure and usage of basic conditionals in English is relatively straightforward and can be easily explained. Today’s grammar blog deals with the zero and first conditionals which are the most basic of all the conditionals. The zero conditional is actually not considered to be a true conditional structure as there is no condition. It […]

Passive Voice

Last days of the zookeeper

The passive voice is a grammatical structure that enables us to emphasise the object of a sentence, rather than the subject. From First Certificate in English level onwards, you will be expected to be able to understand and use the passive voice correctly and may be graded on your use of it in both the […]

Which or That? The grammar rules

Using which or that in relative clauses

In certain phrases in English, you can use “which” or “that” such as, “Monday is the day that/which I hate the most!” However, sometimes you can only use “which”. For example: “I’m from Moscow, which is the capital of Russia.” The good news is that you can always use “which”, although most native English speakers […]