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Learning English with Spaced Repetition Programs

Learning English requires organisation. Successfully acquiring new words, phrases, or even grammatical structures can be a long process. Traditionally, I have always advised my students to keep a vocabulary book, writing down new words and phrases as they come across them. The act of recording words and phrases helps greatly in memorising them. However, the […]

Skype English Lessons

Skype English Lessons

Skype English lessons are convenient, economical, and can be extremely effective. The effectiveness of the classes is, of course, dependent upon the quality of your teacher, the professionalism of the school and the structure of the course. Choosing a teacher for your Skype English lessons Skype English lessons are no different to lessons at your […]

CPE Speaking Test Preparation

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The CPE speaking test is divided into 3 parts, each testing your speaking ability in distinctive contexts. The speaking test is best viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of vocabulary and the range of grammatical structures that someone with a C2 level of English is expected to possess. Preparation for the CPE speaking […]

How to learn new vocabulary

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In this blog I will talk about some of the different ways of writing down and revising new vocabulary that have worked well both for my students and for me when learning a foreign language. There are many ways of doing both these things but what we must remember is that every student is different […]