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Desktop English are committed to providing high-quality language teaching to clients from a huge variety of cultural backgrounds. Our clients all have at least one thing in common: they are driven by a desire to succeed in their language studies and are committed to making the most of their experience with us.

Typically, our clients have a history of success in their language learning. The minimum level of English with which we accept students is B1 (according to the CEFR) although the vast majority of our clients are working towards Advanced and Proficiency level qualifications in either General or Business English.

Regardless of background, a typical Desktop English client is intelligent, engaging, inquisitive and cultured. They are experienced learners with a variety of effective learning strategies.

All the above makes working with Desktop English extremely rewarding and intellectually satisfying, but demands that you are a highly-skilled educator with a strong belief in your methods and a thorough grasp of your subject. We welcome individuality and value critical thought, as do our clients.

If you think we are right for you and you for us, please take the time to complete the form below. We promise to read your responses carefully and respond in good time.

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