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FCE Reading Part 1

In the FCE reading part 1, you must read a text and answer 8 multiple choice questions. For each question, there are 4 options to choose from. Each question is worth 2 marks towards your final score. This part is testing you on a number of skills including reading for detail, tone, opinion and gist. In this post, we will examine the best way to approach FCE reading part 1.

  1. Read the title. Think what the text is going to be about. Doing this will help you immediately engage with the text
  2. Read the first paragraph. This will give you an overview of what the text is actually about.
  3. Now read only the opening and concluding sentences of the other paragraphs. Almost always, you can determine what the paragraph is about by doing this. This is a key part of skim reading, which is a useful skill for both Cambridge and IELTS exams.
  4. Give each paragraph a title. You can write these titles on the exam paper. This will help you remember the information that each paragraph contains when you come to answer the questions.
  5. Now read the question and think carefully about exactly what it is asking.
  6. Finally, using your paragraph titles to help you, locate the part of the text which answers the question and and underline the information. Compare the underlined text to the four options and decide on the correct one. You may need to use a process of elimination to help you do this.

Remember that in FCE reading part 1, never leave a question unanswered. If you’re not sure it’s still better to have a guess!

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