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Common Phrasal Verbs: “to bring about”

To bring about something

see also: to cause, to make happen, to provoke

This phrasal verb is not usually separated by an object. Both parts of the verb must remain together.

This phrasal verb follows the structure : to bring about + object.


“to bring about something” means to make something happen or to to cause something to happen. Take a look at the following examples:

    Example 1

    “The current economic crisis has brought about a change in people’s spending habits.”
    This means that the economic crisis has caused a change in people’s spending habits.

    Example 2

    “The riots in Paris brought about the downfall of the French government”.
    This means that the riots provoked the downfall of the French government.

    The phrasal verb “to bring about” is often collocated with “change”. Other common collocations include: “downfall”, “rise”,”increase”, “decrease”

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